Ogle These Diamond Rings of All Sizes, From 1 to 101 Carats (VIDEO)

Ever wonder what a 101-carat diamond ring looks like on an actual human hand? Step right up!

Us Weekly hit up our local jeweler to test drive a lineup of stunning diamond sparklers with center stones between 1 and 101 carats. They tried a 1-carat emerald-cut ring, a 6-carat solitaire (à la Julianne Hough`s bling), a 17-carat ring (close to the size of Ciara`s engagement ring) and, yes, a truly massive 101-carat rock.

For comparison`s sake, observe Mariah Carey`s gigantic stone, which weighs in at 38 carats. The 101? More than twice the size!

Watch the video to see all the diamonds up close on a model! After all, diamonds are a girl`s best friend.


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