What will happen to Fev’s $50k

FOOTY star Brendan Fevola has vowed to donate $50,000 of his I’m A Celebrity winnings to Shane Warne’s troubled charity — but where will that money actually go?

The Shane Warne Foundation was launched in 2004 for seriously ill and underprivileged children and teenagers in Australia. It announced in January it would be closing this year following allegations of financial mismanagement.

Among the allegations included a report that only 16 cents in every dollar raised actually ended up going to charity, with the rest spent on administration costs — a claim vehemently rejected by Warne.

In a statement in January announcing the closure of the charity following “unwarranted speculation”, the Foundation said it had “distributed $3.67 million to date” with a “final substantial cheque” to be distributed on March 18.

Presumably Fev’s $50,000 will be included in that substantial cheque. News.com.au has contacted the Shane Warne Foundation to clarify where the final donation will go.

The Foundation, which donates to charities including the Starlight Foundation, Clown Doctors and individual children in need, faced allegations much of the money raised through its gala dinners, celebrity cricket matches and poker tournaments went to staging the events themselves.

“I know I’ve won the $100,000, but with the Shane Warne Foundation he’s able to donate money to other charities, so I’m going to give half, $50,000, to the Mark Hughes Foundation, because he’s my best mate,” Fevola said on Sunday night’s show.

It came just days after accounting firm KPMG delivered its audit into the charity to Victoria’s consumer affairs watchdog, which said it would take time to assess the findings.

KPMG said it was unable to find exactly how much money was raised through cash donations.

KPMG was ordered to investigate the Shane Warne Foundation by Consumer Affairs Victoria, after the charity failed to lodge key financial documents by a deadline towards the end of 2015.

In its two-page report delivered on Friday, KPMG found that while cash donations were “a significant source of fundraising revenue”, the charity said it was “impracticable to establish control over the collection of cash donations prior to entry into its financial records”.

“As the evidence to us regarding fundraising revenue from this source was limited, our audit procedures with respect to cash donations had to be restricted to the amounts recorded in the financial records,” the report said.

“We therefore are unable to express an opinion ... whether cash donations at the Foundation are completely recorded.” Auditors also found the Foundation did not lodge annual accounts to Consumer Affairs on time.

However, the report concluded that the Foundation also complied “in all material aspects” with the law.

Earlier last week, Warne lashed out at Waleed Aly on Twitter after The Project host quizzed him on the KPMG audit during an interview following his eviction from the jungle.

“You and Fev were going to donate money to the charity,” Aly said.

“There’s been the audit. It wraps up next week. You are about to land back in Australia and land in the middle of that issue. What are you doing about that the moment you get back home?”

Warnie fired back that he had done “13 hours of PR straight” after being in “Guantanmo Bay” for six weeks, saying it was disappointing that people like Aly want to criticise “good people that have raised money and made a serious difference to underprivileged children”.

“You can get stuffed if you want to ... have a go at us but we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve,” he said.

“If people want to have a crack at us for raising money and making a difference, go ahead. We have nothing to hide. We welcome any audit.”

Later on Twitter, Warne wrote: “Disappoints me some journos think in an interview being a dick is cool. Tip, if u want people back don’t be inappropriate, arrogant or smug.”


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  • Babtist
    April 3, 2016, 1:21 pm
    He should go to jail
  • KPMG
    April 2, 2016, 10:49 pm
    Nice way to make money on fools

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