The Most Stylish Haircuts for 2016

Everyone who heads out their front door wants to look their very best. That is why they wear makeup that flatters their facial features, clothes that accent their physique, and shoes that are functional as well as that match their outfits. Belts, purses, hairclips, bandanas, and pins can only help to improve the appearance. There is the ultimate desire to look the very best that we can. 

Of course, some wish to go beyond looking good. They want to have the latest styles so as to look like they are ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and appearance. This is not only seen in the clothes that they wear, but also in the haircut style they select. A person’s hairstyle can say so much about them, including that they are a trendy kind of person. If you are a person looking to make sure that you are always in the most stylish way, here are the most stylish haircuts for 2016.

Disconnected Crop – this is a bold new look that is a real winner for those wanting a whole new appearance. The style is a kind of exaggerated men’s haircut that extends the hair to the front and side on just one side. Its boldness is making it quite popular with a diversity of women.

Weavy Beach Pixie

Тhis is one that is especially catching on with women in Hollywood. There are many different variations of this cut, but it is a super sexy look with short hair. This not only says that a woman knows she is sexy, but that she has power as a woman as well.

Long Inside Layers

Layering seemed to have been a lost art for a time, but it is back in vogue with this great look. With a series of color trends that can added into the layers, the layering is actually made to look so that there is a lot less of it, which makes it look a lot more detailed than traditional layered cuts. This also decreases the amount of hair, making it more manageable, less weighty, and provides greater movement and flow.

Mod Punk

For those who want a much younger look, this is the cut for you. With a series of short crown layers that are mixed with exaggerated long lengths in the back, this is a very dramatic look, that is sure to capture the attention of others; maybe that cute guy you have wanted looking your way.

Coiled Bob

Looking for something really dramatic? Then this is surely for you. This is taking bobs to a whole new level as it not only has a great deal of curl and body to it, but is quite controlled. A very fresh look indeed that will make heads turn.

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  • Good girl
    March 30, 2016, 10:47 pm
    Most of them look like zomby

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