Woman rips out huge chunk of hair attempting corn cob challenge

A video of a woman from China attempting to eat corn from a rotating power drill – and horribly injuring herself in the process – has gone viral in the past few days after the clip was shared on social media.

The video shows the woman holding a large drill with a corn cob skewered onto the bit. She then attempts to bite the corn off as it spins around at speed.

However, her hair gets caught in the device, and a large patch is torn from the front of her head.


Later in the video, the woman is seen visiting a doctor, who tells her the hair will grow back in time.

The woman’s identity is currently unknown and, although the video was uploaded over the weekend, it is uncertain how recently the clip was filmed.

However, many have speculated that she was inspired to attempt the dangerous trick, sometimes known as the “corn cob challenge”, by food blogger Eater Yang, who achieved internet fame this month when a clip of him performing the same feat – albeit more successfully – went viral.


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